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Peter At Sea

I never dared dreamed my life would come to be so wonderfully profound.
For certain, as a fisherman in tiny Bethsaida, I never expected to even meet a
man of His rather dubious, but very real, stature and fame.
Of course, he wasn't all that famous when we first met. He was no more than an
itinerant preacher who had a wide reputation for causing serious problems
everywhere He went.
I had never planned to be a part of his little band of strange followers. Never.
For one thing, I had never been much of a `follower' at all.
No, I had always been more of a leader...a captain, if you will.

Oh, it wasn't that I have any particular talent in that line, mind you well, but it
Well, frankly, it was my size. I was born big...and to be big.
I don't mean just big like you might think. I mean...very big.
I always say that the god's agreed that my shoulders had to be made so wide to
carry the mass of nets I used in the fishing business with my brother, Andrew.
My arms had to be hard and strong - and big - to hoist those same nets
whenever they filled to overflowing with fish.
Not that we had hauled in so many fish - or anything else - on that particular day.
That day. `Tis one I shant easily forget.
Andrew and me had fished all night. Cold, t was, too. Had no luck at all.
No, I don't mean we caught only a few. I mean, we had no luck at all. So
determined were we, though, that I insisted we stay the night on the lake and
push and pull on those massive, old, tired nets.
I was cold. I was tired beyond tired.
And, to be truthful, I was a bit frustrated...and angry.
Anyway, to make this part of my story short, this remarkable man - Jesus - came
along the road and rescued us both.
He just told us to cast out our net one more time.
Tired as I was, we did. Thankfully. For, we wound up breaking our nets with such
a haul of fish!
So...Perhaps, you won't find it so hard to believe that I actually walked on... was one of those tiresome days for us all. Jesus had been preaching
and me and the other followers had helped to feed a massive bunch of people
had been following us all day.
Fact is, Jesus had taken a little boy's lunch and fed this huge crowd. It was really
a sight. I had not grown accustomed to such `miracles', as some called his way
of doing things.
I was always a little stunned by His abilities.
But, he was tired, too.
That never seemed to bother Jesus. Being tired, I mean.
He was a man who just continued to touch people ... to help people...and to care
for the children...
I knew he was tired when he sent the multitude away after feeding them.
He told me to gather the others into my boat and go before Him unto the other
side of the sea. Of course, I obeyed, though I felt a little pushed aside.
But, as we pushed out to sea, I could see Him moving slowly upwards into the
hollow of the dark mountain.
I knew. I knew all too well.
He was going off as He sometimes did, and He would stay for a time of personal
refreshing and rest. pray.

That was early evening, and a rather dark cloud had caught my eye earlier, but I
had not mentioned it. I just watched it closely.
My fisherman's eye, I suppose.
The wind was cooling.
The first shades of night were falling, and we could feel the sea - which had been
relatively quiet - begin to toss beneath the weight of the fishing boat.
Actually, there were too many of us on this one small ship.
It wasn't made for the was built - by my brother and me - for fishing.
So, when the storm came... the wind was contrary.
The rains were stinging my bare chest and back.
The others aboard were complaining, and understandably fearful.
I felt I had to remain as strong as possible; but, admittedly, fear was gnawing at
heart and swelling my chest to new proportions.
I kept covering my eyes against the rain and mist...trying to see the dark
mountain where Jesus had disappeared.
I was worried about Him.
He wasn't alone much.
There were always people following Him, hanging on Him, clinging to Him,
hearing His words.
Or, there were the children - laughing and lovingly tugging at his robes.
The waves were becoming stronger.

The hull of the boat was filling quickly with the boisterous waves pounding at the
helm. My sore hands could scarcely hold the small boat in sway.
My body was soaked with the cold rain, and the fishy smell of the sea water
coated my flesh.
Suddenly, I heard a voice split the violence of the storm.
"It is a spirit! We are doomed! It is a spirit!"
I grasped the huge ropes and swung about in time to see a hazy light spreading
across the face of the storm.
I was about to speak when I heard a semi-familiar voice. The grinding, smashing
waves caught the sounds and hurled them at me.
"Be of good cheer; it is I. Be not afraid."
I was shocked.
It sounded uncommonly like Jesus. But, I knew He was in the mountains praying.
I had watched him go up there.
What if it was a spirit of some kind?
I had heard strange stories. We all had.
So, I took a great gulp of air mixed with sea spray, and bellowed into the
"Lord, if it be Thou..."
I almost felt foolish. It couldn't be Him.
"Bid me come unto thee on the water!"
That would do it.

He had fed the multitudes with the bread and fish from a little lads’ lunch box. He
had healed that blind man.
Even a dumb man now spoke because of His touch.
"Bid me...come..."
I hugged the ropes so as not to fall into the black sea.
A single word fractured the cold night winds.
How strong the word was...and how commanding.
I felt a strength enter my very soul. My faith swung bravely on the now familiar
It was Jesus. It really was.
I had no idea what all this was about, but I wanted to be a part of it all this time.
The icy water splashed against the soles of my bare feet and I moved down from
the tossing ship onto the churning sea.
I looked at the figure out on the water. I recognized more than the voice.
I saw Jesus.
I let go of the ropes and took a step toward Him.
He smiled as if He knew something I was not aware of at the moment.
Keeping my eyes focused on His, I took another step. Then, another...
...and yet, another.
I remember thinking how marvelous this was and how totally insane at the same
Was this a fearsome dream? Or, a fantasy walk I was taking?

I remember hearing the cracking sound of the mast of the ship behind me.
The waves seemed to reach new proportions around me and encased my
shivering body in chilling water.
I dropped my gaze from the eyes of Jesus. I peered into the midnight-like
darkness below me.
A shudder of fear rushed through my loins and I glanced upward into the same
kind of blackness above me.
The roar of the storm was thunderous. I felt my ankles covering with sea water.
I lunged backwards; my hands grasping for the fishing ropes which were no
longer available to me.
I looked down as I felt the sea water caress my knees and I knew I was sinking
into the unknown horror of the depth of this angry, frothing sea.
Through eyes that were glazed more with fear than with salty mist, I could scarce
make out the figures of Andrew and the others.
I could hear their screams...begging me to come back.
My thighs were beneath the water and I felt the nightmarish concept of death at
sea attack my mind.
Peter...that big, stalwart fisherman with the arms of steel and the strength of
Fear. Yes, it was very real.
Then, suddenly, I remembered.
I remembered where I was. I remembered who I was. I remembered who He is.

I turned again and could make out His form in the wake of light surrounding his
It was Jesus.
I wanted Him. I wanted to serve Him more.
He had brought the draught of fishes.
There was none like Him. It could not end like this. Not now.
"Lord, save me!"
I don't know what I thought would happen. But, immediately, I felt His strong
encircle my hand. I felt the strength in His hands and knew that my own strength
nothing in comparison.
Such power.
As the boisterous winds continued to beat vehemently around us, I felt my body
ease up from the mysterious waters.
He pulled me close to His side.
His dark eyes were fixed on mine - a slight, but unmistakable smile playing in his
searching gaze - and he spoke sternly.
"Oh, thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"
There was no time between his rebuking words and the pain in my heart.
This was the man, Jesus...I knew Him, and certainly, I trusted Him.
Why, then, did I doubt? It seems I was man after all.

So many had thought me to be above fear, above hurt, above being a mortal
man. I knew it was not true, but eager mortality loves to put on the cloak of
immortality from time to time.
I had enjoyed the admiration of others. I had seen so much. I had witnessed His
awesome power before.
I had stood beside Him and watched as sightless eyes had been opened. Ears,
silenced by birth, unstopped. Knarled fingers of diseased hands restored. Bodies
bent with pain, suddenly healed. Minds tormented by demons, eased. Hearts
filled with discouragement, blessed.
I had actually seen the loaves - the fish - multiply at His gentle touch!
All of those things had been my joy to see, and...
Yet, I admit ...I was so happy when my feet were firmly planted on the ship
again. The wind was so strong that I had some trouble standing against it, and I
knew it was the strength of His hand that sustained me even then.
Once aboard the ship, the wind ceased. The storm, which had been so violent,
was no more.
The sea became as a shimmering shield, and the moon began a sparkling dance
across the surface.
Strange. Eerie. And...wonderful.
Beauty, calm and quiet replaced the raging of the cruel, furious sea...and in my
I suddenly understood that almost whimsical smile in His eyes.

His instant rebuke of my faith had been forceful; yet, the almost cunning smile
had been somehow confusing., I knew.
Recalling the awful storm...the crushing winds...the awesome rain...the ultimate
I knew.
And...I knew that He knew. My faith in Him was firm.
Despite it all, I had walked on the water.
I had accomplished the impossible.
Yes, I looked away and would have been drowned; and yes, I felt nervous
had raged within my spirit as the waters crept upward...
I had known a sudden fear of death...
I had admittedly faltered, yes...yes... all those things are true, I suppose...
But, first...before that...before faltering....
Before sinking into the murky mists, I had walked on the water.
And, in my strange new fear, He had heard my voice.
And...He had come to my rescue.

Copyright 1994 by Sheer Joy! Press

The mountain I face today, will be the sand I walk upon tomorrow.
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Re: Peter At Sea

This is so beautiful !! I remember reading this, I wish I could have walked the earth when JESUS was here, to see HIM, listen to HIM, wow !! but I guess this is where HE wants me, in this time. someday I will see HIM, wow, no word's can say how I will feel.
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